Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Question for Republicans, Conservatives, et. al.

Many of you are unhappy with Mitt Romney and have resisted him in some way during the nomination process. But, you think he's the lesser of the two evils, and will vote for him over Barack Obama. Now, let's suppose Romney wins.

Are we stuck with this guy for eight years? Even if he is to be a one term president, the GOP is very likely to re-nominate him. What are your plans, will you seek out a challenger in 2016? You may say yes now, but won't you be persuaded by the argument that a primary challenge to the incumbent in 2016 weakens the party and might help Democrats win?

So, are we stuck with this guy for eight years? Forget about the Democrats for a moment and think of the long term consequences for conservatism, the Constitution, the economy, liberty, everything. Mitt Romney, with your support, will be the face of your values and ideas, even if he doesn't put them into practice.

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