Monday, January 7, 2013

“National Jewish Democratic Council” Attacks Their Own Credibility with Outrageous Comments on Rand Paul

Okay, to be honest I don’t recall hearing much if anything about this organization before now. But their reaction to Senator Rand Paul’s appointment to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is too outrageous to ignore. It’s laughable and does nothing but destroy their credibility.

Here are their claims:

Senator Rand Paul’s membership in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee should be raising red flags and provoking severe concern across the pro-Israel community. The decision by Republican Senate leaders to give a bigger microphone and a prominent platform to someone who has repeatedly called for an end to U.S. aid to Israel and used his leadership PAC to push an anti-foreign aid agenda is simply outrageous. As we’ve said for months, Senator Paul and his father’s acolytes are becoming legitimate forces in today’s Republican Party—and pro-Israel Republicans have repeatedly and epically failed to address this growing issue within the GOP ranks. Now this failure has very real consequences. The overwhelmingly pro-Israel American public deserves much better than a radical ideologue on the Senate’s primary diplomatic committee who has demonstrated a singular obsession with slashing aid to the Jewish state. (Emphasis mine)

Hysterical. Hyperbolic. Outrageous. The underlined portion is just a complete lie. We, and Rand Paul in this case, have called for an end to all foreign aid, because it’s unaffordable, unconstitutional, immoral, and ridiculous. No one, to my knowledge, especially Rand Paul, has singled out Israel for cuts. To the contrary, Rand recently said "I wouldn't start with Israel". So, reality is the opposite of what the NJDC fanatics claim.

As far as Rand being a radical ideologue, he is becoming quite the moderate compared to his father, which is unfortunate (more on that in the future.) And who says NJDC isn't the radical one? I say they are. Extremism is in the eye of the beholder. Throwing that accusation around is meaningless, but an effective distraction.

Israel can and should continue to receive aid from Americans. It just shouldn't come from the government, period. The vast “pro-Israel community” as NJDC calls it really has nothing to fear, because nobody is going to stop them from helping Israel with their own money. The problem with these people, like most everyone else, is that they want to reach into other people’s pockets and steal money for their cause. When we object to this, they dishonestly attack us for opposing their ends when we only oppose their means.

This all is just a dent in their credibility, if they had any to begin with.

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