Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand Paul’s Filibuster was Brilliant...

...from a political, moral, and constitutional point of view. It may well have been an act of opportunism, but it was also the right action to take, and I believe he is sincere. Obama’s radical claims, or should I say usurpation of power, is extremely dangerous and demands a filibuster and much more.

What has been incredible is how little attention this policy received up till very recently. Wither all the civil liberties concerns of the ‘left’? Crickets, ever since Obama took office, with few exceptions. On the ‘right’, sadly, there is little reason to think that there is much genuine resistance to this usurpation, but since Democrats are in power Republicans will take the opportunity to oppose Obama.

Kudos to Rand for bringing much needed attention to this issue. The White House has no choice but to respond and probably back off. (Update: Sure enough, they did).

There was little political risk in Rand Paul launching what turned into a 13-hour, old-fashioned "talking" filibuster, the longest of it's kind in recent years. The rewards have been significant: not only in all the headlines and Twitter trending, but also in the excitement it is generating among the public and the voters. It will surely boost his career going forward, and hopefully he uses his increasing political capital productively.

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