Monday, July 8, 2013

Government Doesn't Like it When You Know the Rules

Here's a new video from this past July 4th (a belated happy Secession Day, btw!). It's always nice to see people asserting their rights like this. Unfortunately, most of us do not know the "law" well enough and frequently waive our rights without realizing it. Note the police admits the driver's innocence as he continues his illegal search - after which he finds the camera.

Here's another classic - the government is again caught trying to pry far beyond what its own law says it can do. We need more of this educated resistance. Each state needs organizations to help citizens understand their rights under the arbitrary "laws" of their area. If enough of us know the basics and assert our rights, this routine abuse can be greatly curtailed.

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  1. Yeah, it would be great if people were more aware of their rights, and more knowledgeable of the law. It might help if they didn't rely on anonymous YouTube uploaders, who may or may not be posting accurate information, for that education. Especially given the differences in state and local laws.

    It would also be great if more of the people who rant about "states' rights" and dreams of secession note that these weren't federal agents. They were state/county/city cops, and this kind of stuff (and much, MUCH worse) is happening every day in cities and towns all over the country. But never mind all that when complaining about the Civil Rights Act and supporting laws that shut down women's health clinics to stop them from providing legal abortions is MUCH more important, amirite?