Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Cop?

Perhaps relative to other cops, yes, but in general there are no "good cops", as Eric Peters explains. They all violate the non-aggression principle when they enforce unlibertarian laws, which is most of the time they are on the beat.

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  1. Ah good. First it was soldiers, now it's cops. I can't wait to see you start bitching about postal carriers and public school kindergarten teachers. And congratulations to linking to the most over-the-top, Godwin's Law-breaking loser you could possibly find.

    Yes, of course some cops do bad things. Or, if you prefer, cops sometimes do bad things. The same is true for soldiers, and I don't buy into the jingoistic hero-worship for every mouth-breather who puts on a uniform. But I'm also not silly and pathetic enough to star screaming "Nazi!" and "Stasi!" every time a government employee does something stupid and abusive.

    And one of the many reasons why I don't is because I know that people who are NOT government employees are responsible for far more acts of abusive stupidity. And that includes private security guards and mercenaries (security contractors) as well as self-appointed defenders like Theodore Wafer, George Zimmerman, Michael David Dunn and many more. But leave it to a few simplistic, privileged whiners to insist that the only solution problems of abuse by cops, soldiers, etc. is to eliminate all government in favor of anarchy.