Sunday, March 9, 2014

USA no more: Welcome to the United Provinces of America

It occurred to me recently that the left and right wing nationalists, which is pretty much everyone, whether they realize it or not (just ask who their favorite President is; Lincoln will come up quickly), cede too much ground to their Constitutionalist, historically enlightened foes. So I am going to help them out a bit: you need to give up on the name United States of America, and go with something like United Provinces of America.

Why? Because you deny the 50 states their statehood, which in case we forgot, means:
a politically organized body of people usually occupying a definite territory; especially :  one that is sovereign 
Meanwhile, province seems much more accurate for the nationalist's view of the Constitution:
any one of the large parts that some countries are divided into 
an administrative district or division of a country 
And that's exactly how nationalists view the states: the federal government is the only sovereign in their minds, with all 50 states making up one nation ruled by Washington D.C., which both retains the sole power of defining the Constitution and also forbids secession. That this came about illegally and through violence doesn't seem to bother them, but that's beside the point.

Nationalists are a bit late fixing this oversight, but better late than never, right? And you're welcome.


  1. Yet another great example of how anarchist libertarians ensure that they're completely irrelevant. Please refer to the country as the UPA as often as possible, any time you leave your parents' basement. It'll no doubt do WONDERS for your "movement".

    1. One needn't even be a libertarian to recognize my thesis is correct. Go ahead, explain how I'm wrong. Or was that another smart comment because you don't want to admit I have a valid point?