Thursday, February 7, 2013

DOJ Memo Justifying Assassination of American Citizens Analyzed

Glenn Greenwald has published an important piece analyzing the White House’s attempt to justify its claim to powers of assassinating American citizens. It’s just incredible that so many Democrats and Republicans are silent or supportive of Obama and/or this extreme, dangerous policy of his. As delusional as the average voter and partisan voter is, up till recently I would have expected at least this sort of policy to face significant opposition.

This just goes to show how entirely partisan Democrats were being in their opposition to Bush’s unconstitutional actions. And Republicans’ minimal opposition is sure to dry up as soon as the next Republican enters office. Only libertarians and a tiny minority of others on the ‘left’ (like Greenwald) and ‘right’ are consistently standing against this trashing of a long tradition of critical checks on government powers .

Anyone that continues to support Obama and his ilk is an enemy of liberty and a supporter of present and, by creating precedent, future tyranny.

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