Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's Campaign for Opting Out of Government

One thing the liberty movement should consider doing more of is campaigning on the idea that we should be able to opt of both the costs and benefits of government programs and services. Statists can have their statism if they leave us alone. In the meantime, we can build competing systems that can be there to replace the state when people are ready.

It’s important that we be able to opt out of the costs (taxes) associated with government programs that we opt out of; but even if that’s not possible, we should still be able to opt-out as much as possible. The homeschool movement stands as a spectacular example of what we can do even when only allowed to partially opt-out. I think the average American voter would be more sympathetic to opt-outs rather than abolishment/privatization options. This would at least get us closer to liberty and is consistent with Rothbard’s criteria for transition programs.

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